Thursday, September 24, 2009

Terrible interview

I always wonder what interviews are meant for?
Do they test the interviewee's knowledge?
or do they check what % of interviewers know how in a tech shared by the interviewee?

I think its the second criteria most of the times.
Even I go by second when it comes to judging some one for a very specific role.

my interview today was more of a rapid fire lasted just for 20 min but had 25 questions...phew.
And to add to making it terrible I made it more terrible by not replying to questions I knew the answer :(

I got so baffled...i didn't expected it to end this way. :(

here is the list of the questions that i could recall -
1) Type of stl containers
2) difference in composition, aggregation,association.
3) Predicates
4) Deadlock and Starvation
5) Raised condition
6) Diff in Conversion ctr and explicit ctr
7) diff in has_map and map
8) explain hash_map and bucketing
9) virtual inheritance, diamond problem
10) function adapters
11) fucntors
12) function objects
13) in how many ways two classes A and B be related to each other.
14) diff between vector and dqueue
15) Re-population of dqueue and its complexity.
16) types of iterators
17) how would you implement a map.
18) concept of immutability.
19) Are elements in a map ordered?
20) What type of container is a set.
21) How is a set implemented?
22) something on auto_ptr.

Would add more if I can recall them.

Till than chill out.

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