Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dil bole hadippa

Watched "Dil bole Hadippa" on sunday.
It was okay kind of once and forget.

Rani was pretty convincing in role of surd boy....but as a girl she looked repetitive.
But she awed her character as Veer Singh.

Shahid Kapoor's acting can be rated as a sine to worse.
He looked like a duplicate of SRK and to add to it YashRaj Production made him wear muffler on transparent shirt....much associated with SRK.

Rest of the characters were just fillers to link the story and cricket were the USP of the movie....but both the themes were lost and found couple of times in movie.

It was again one of "not on this earth movie" by the YashRaj's.
I agree love is blind and one can fall in love with anybody but not like movies.Its a dream I must say.

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